The hatchback firsy appeared in the 1980s. The Chevy Chevette, though few remember it now, personified the genre. This type of car still exists today and can be found in many smaller foreign cars. If you are a determined used car shopper, you can still find one. Someone who is not looking for hatchback may wonder why they should buy one. The primary reason to be a hatchback is that hatchbacks are more fuel efficient than their trunked counterparts. The second reason is that they still provide some storage space. If you have a family, you know how important it is to have some space for groceries is. Hungry children are not interested in hearing excuses about how small the family car is. Your child quickly points out that you should buy a new car in such situations. You probably know that there is another reason to buy a hatchback. It may not be a welcome reminder, but hatchbacks are cheaper than their fully-trunked counterparts. Many models make good starter cars for a family. How to Make Tailgating Fun and Safe

To many football fans, tailgating is the most exciting part. They get to watch their favorite teams and have a cookout with their family and friends. Having a good time and being safe are always utmost on everyone’s mind. Stop at Patriot Automotive LLC and let us offer you some tips and show you our great selection of vehicle and tailgating supplies.

Tailgating isn’t tailgating without a great selection of food. Make sure your food is as fresh as possible and your cooler is large enough to hold the food and beverages and filled with fresh ice. Make sure your bring essential supplies like extra clothes and a first aid kit.

Whether you’re planning on using your own vehicle or would like to tailgate with a new vehicle, stop and see us at our Georgetown, KY dealership. We have a great selection on hand and would love to set you up for a test drive.